This site is now online and linked from the sourceforge page.
After programming the plugin, building this website was a new experience for me. It was a nice exercise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I hope the provided information gives you an good overview over the functionality of the plugin. Now it's time to think about same additional features. Adding a repository extension point, with a sample extension for the subversion support could be a good first step.
From Rapidweaver to Dreamweaver

Building this site has been my first bigger experience in web development. My first version was very easy and fast build with iWeb. But I disliked it. After that I switched to Rapidweaver, which seemed to satisfy my needs for more flexibility in web design. The first shot was nice looking but after that, working with Rapidweaver made me frustrated more and more. The main problem was the fact that the HTML code can't be edited, so it was very hard for me to try out and find solutions for the bugs in my website.

This let me change to Dreamweaver. It's a very good development environment with a very good support of CSS and a nice design preview/editor. For me as a software developer it's the best solution. Together with a good book over HTML and CSS (Head First series) it is now a pleasure for me to create and maintain this site.